Snake Island

March 28 - some islanders are still crossing over to Snake Island. The ice should be treated with caution, especially near the shorelines. Islander report from March 28 says the ice is "very skateable where the snow machines haven't been." Snow on the island is almost all gone.


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Safety First - See Links -> Cottage Life -> Ice Safety

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Please be advised that due to the emerald ash boer and other damaging insects being identified within the GTA and surrounding area ,absolutely NO firewood is to be transported to the first nation territories including snake and fox islands"....issued by the chippewas of georgina island.

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Mosquito larviciding was done in May.

This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on July 5 on Snake Island.

Motion raised at May 20, 2012 General Meeting resulted in unanimous vote in favour of SICA officially supporting the Save North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance.



See letter to Mayor

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